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Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

This product exceeds my expectations. It’s a great cat feeder with a quality camera and mic so I can see and talk to my kitty.– Barb T.

  • Automatic Feeding. You know that both hunger and overeating are dangerous for your pet. Now you can automatically schedule and adjust your friend’s meal size. No more early morning awakenings.
  • HD Video Camera. Watch what your pet is doing right now with an HD video camera built-in. Due to a wide-angle camera, you’ll be able to see your room as a whole. Take pictures of your pet and share it with friends.
  • Smartphone Controlled. Be near your fluffy friend when you’re at work or on vacation. Remember that we are responsible for whom we tamed, and pets miss us. Talk with your kitty/pup, and don’t make your friend bored!

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Smart Water Fountain (mobile app)

"It's really smart. It helps me save energy and prolong the filter's life using scheduled watering. Filter replacement reminder feature is phenomenal!" - Jam

  • Filter Replacement Reminder. Do you remember the last time you replaced the filter in your cat's/pup's fountain? No one does! Get notified when it's time, depending on the intensity of using Smart Water Fountain.
  • Water Level Reminder. Is there enough water? It was a hot day. Or maybe your pet ate more dry food than usual and is thirsty. You'll receive a notification if it's time to pour some extra water.
  • Smartphone Controlled. It's so important to be up to date with your fur baby's water supply status. Adjust the watering schedule to extend the use of filters and keep water fresh and clean. Receive alerts 24/7.

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Additional information

Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera


Be aware that food kibbles with "irregular shape" could be stuck. For example, "Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care" series

Food Type

Dry food
5-15 mm kibble diameter

Portion Size

10 to 100 grams

Video Camera

angle 130 degrees

Mobile App

Android & IOS


"D" type 3 pcs
*not included*


4.5 liters
19 cups


BPA free Plastic
Dishwasher Safe

Smart Water Fountain (mobile app)

Mobile App

Android & IOS


Water level
Filter replacement


3 Layer Filters


3.0 liters


BPA free Plastic


Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain bundle

  1. shannon hayden

    Really like these feeders/ water dish because I can be sent on a 2 day trip with 10 min notice some times with my line of work only 2 things I would like to say that hopfully one day they will make a model where you can other know the food level in the food storage bin or the camera would also let you see the actual food dish also because if I get sent out idk if the dish ran completely out of food so I could get a family member over there to fill it

  2. Jonathan Pfeiffer

    I am really enjoying this product. No more forgetting to feed the dog in the morning. Just wish it would allow for larger feeding portions rather than having to program multiple feeds.

  3. KACH22

    Great product! Was easy to set-up! Our cat only took a few minutes of inspecting to get used to it!
    Very happy cat and pet owners 😁

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We help pet owners be near their fluffy friend while working or traveling. Peace of mind that it was fed.

Do you work a lot? Are you always on the trip? Have you ever thought about what your pet is feeling?

Smart Pet Feeder is a solution for you.

Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain bundle 6


Smart Pet Feeder is equipped with a built-in HD video camera. You can record a video or take a screenshot, which will be stored on your smartphone or SD card. Share photos via Facebook with a simple touch of your finger.

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It is a high resolution (1028*790p) camera with 130 degrees wide-angle lens; thus you’ll see every inch of your apartment. Now you will be in touch what is going on while you’re not at home.

camera feeder
automatic cat feeder


Protect your friend from overeating and control its diet from your smartphone. With the help of our mobile application, you easily choose the time to feed your friend and portion’s size (from 10g to 100g).

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Schedule up to 4 meals a day, which will be automatically delivered at the exact time. Receive a pop-up notification on your smartphone when food will be delivered. Use manual feeding to promote your friend.

All feeding statistics are in the app and you can access them anywhere 24/7. Therefore, you can even record an audio greeting, that will be played every time food is delivered.


Be near your fluffy friend when you’re at work or on vacation. Remember, that we are responsible for whom we tamed and pets miss us. Don’t make your friend bored!

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Smart Pet Feeder gives you the opportunity to talk with your pet in real-time even when you’re not at home. What if your dog is calling you?

Evermore, you can listen to what is going on in your apartment. Maybe your cat or dog is calling you or just having fun.

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Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain bundle 8


Use our FREE mobile application to be near your Friend. We’ll backup you when you’re on vacation or at work. Receive notifications when your pet was fed and don’t worry.

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The easiest connection ever: open application, input WiFi password and put the smartphone in front of the camera! That’s it! Smart Pet Feeder will do the rest. A free and user-friendly mobile application. Available both on Android and IOS.

It is really easy and fun. Try it!



This water fountain filters your pet’s water using 3-layer filtering. Drinking clear water is essential for every living being. You won’t need to worry anymore.

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High-density cotton layer removes unwanted hair and garbage from your pet’s water.

Activated carbon is very effective in removing at least 81 chemicals, effective in another 30 and moderately effective for 22. It also removes bad tastes and odors. clears water and fully removes residual chlorine. Chlorine increases risk of cancer, damages cells or can result in heart problems, etc.

Nylon mesh filter makes the last touch to deliver clean water to your fluffy friend.

Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain bundle 9
Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain bundle 10


You don’t need to remember when you refilled water or replaced filter in your Cat Water Fountain. Get notifications on your smartphone if Water Level went low or it’s time to replace the filter.

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Smart Water Fountain is totally waterproof and silent. It will automatically turn off when the water level will be too low and will protect from overheating.



battery backup


easy to clean
Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain bundle 11


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