Smart Pet Feeder 2.0

This feeder gives me the freedom of portion control and not having to run back home to feed the cat in the evenings. Very convenient!” – Barbara F.

  • Automatic Feeding. Up to 20 portions per meal. Unlimited meals per day.
  • HD Video Camera. Nightvision. Motion Detection.
  • Smartphone Controlled. Take pictures and control diet 24/7.
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We help pet owners be near their fluffy friend while working or traveling. Peace of mind that it was fed.

Do you work a lot? Are you always on the trip? Have you ever thought about what your pet is feeling?

With 2 years experience (more than 2000 devices sold) we’ve created the perfect Smart Pet Feeder for You.

Meet Smart Pet Feeder 2.0 🚀

Smart Pet Feeder 2.0 1

What was improved in Smart Pet Feeder 2.0?

  • Double blade food dispensing mechanism
  • Up to 20 portions per meal
  • Unlimited meals per day
  • Nightvision
  • Motion detection
  • Visible food bowl
  • Improved design

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30-Day Moneyback

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1-year warranty


Watch what is your pet doing right now with HD video camera built-in. A perfect camera angle will let you see the bowl itself. This way you’ll be sure that your cat/dog literally ate the food. Use the Nightvision feature in the evenings.

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Get notifications on your smartphone when your pet is close to the feeder due to the Motion Detection feature. You can record a video or take a screenshot, which will be stored on your smartphone or TF card. Share photos via Facebook.

cat feeder
cat feeder


Use automatic (regular) feeding to feed your pet on scheduled time. Schedule UNLIMITED meals a day, which will be automatically delivered at the exact time. IMPROVED two-blade feeding mechanism will avoid food jamming. The moisture-proof filter keeps food fresh.

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Adjust the portion’s size to avoid hunger or overeating (0 to 200 grams). Use manual feeding to promote your friend with an easy move of your finger. Analyze feeding statistics.


Be near your fluffy friend when you’re at work or on vacation. Remember, that we are responsible for whom we tamed and pets miss us. Don’t make your friend bored!

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Smart Pet Feeder 2.0 gives you the opportunity to talk with your pet in real-time even when you’re not at home. What if your dog is calling you?

Evermore, you can listen to what is going on in your apartment. Maybe your cat or dog is calling you or just having fun.

2 way audio
video camera


Use our FREE mobile application (Tuya Smart) to be near your Friend. We’ll backup you when you’re on vacation or at work. Receive notifications when your pet was fed and don’t worry.

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With the same mobile application, you can control smart plugs, smart bulbs, kitchen appliances, small home appliances, video surveillance, etc.

It is really easy and fun. Try it!




night vision


motion detection

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Receive your Smart Pet Feeder in 3 business days. Pay for your purchase in 3 installments. Choose “Pay with Payment Plans” option on the top of this page.

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Pay 60% initial payment and get your order. You’ll be automatically charged 2 times with 20% every 14 days after purchase (biweekly). Contact us for details.



Be aware that food kibbles with "irregular shape" could be stuck. For example, "Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care" series

Food Type

Dry food
5-15 mm kibble diameter

Portion Size

10 to 200 grams

Video Camera

Motion Detection

Mobile App

Android & IOS


"D" type 3 pcs
*not included*


3 liters
13 cups


BPA free Plastic
Dishwasher Safe

2 reviews for Smart Pet Feeder 2.0

  1. Calgary is brighter

    The only thing we didn’t like is we had to install with a 2.4G network to pair the unit as we wereon 5.0G and I mis read some of the instructions but the support was awesome and helped me very quickly. My cat hears the noise and comes running for the food, it is fantastic as we trying to get him not to wake us up at 4:00am to feed him.

    Thank you for the great unit and would recommend it to others.

  2. Barbara F.

    It works really well. My cat loves to eat – too much. This bowl gives me the freedom of portion control and not having to run back home to feed the cat in the evenings. Very convenient!

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What if the WiFi connection lost?Back to product
asked by admin on 2020-08-02 20:06:53
1 answers shown
  1. Smart Pet Feeder 2.0 will feed your pet on schedule when disconnected from wi-fi. However, you won't be able to make any adjustments or use Camera until the connection is restored. Smart Pet Feeder will automatically reconnect to WiFi.
    admin answered on 2020-08-02 20:08:50