Smart Pet Feeder (no camera)

I got this to help with my 2 cats waking me up at night for food. Problem solved!” – Costa C

  • Automatic Feeding (up to 8 meals per day)
  • Record Audio Greeting
  • Battery Backup
  • Free App for Android or IOS
  • 1-year Warranty
3 customer reviews

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Additional information


Be aware that food kibbles with "irregular shape" could be stuck. For example, "Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care" series

Food Type

Dry food
5-15 mm kibble diameter

Portion Size

10 to 100 grams

Video Camera

no camera

Mobile App

Android & IOS


"D" type 3 pcs
*not included*


4.5 liters
19 cups


BPA free Plastic
Dishwasher Safe


Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Smart Pet Feeder (no camera)

  1. Dek-k-y

    I can’t say enough good things about both FEED’EM and the feeder.

    I originally experienced issues connecting the app to the feeder and experienced the best customer service I have seen in ages : Mark from customer support was very helpful and replies within the hour, and he even coordinated for his coworker Vlad to troubleshoot at my house the following day.

    Vlad hooked the app to the feeder and took a generous amount of time to show me around the app and its features as well as how to use the feeder.

    If you were hesitating between this feeder and another one that seem similar, get this one! You can’t beat FEED’EM dedication to quality service and products.

  2. Amazon Customer

    We have only had this feeder for two or three weeks. So far it is working perfectly. We like it so much that we have ordered another one for our second cat.
    It was working fine, but then we needed to purchase a new modem which is 5g. We couldn’t get the feeder to connect.
    Feed’em’s support staff is “very” accommodating and easy to work with. I was informed that I needed a 2.4g modem to connect. I then found out that our new modem could be set to 2.4g. We then had no problem connecting.
    Because of the ease setting up the feeder, the excellent support staff, and the fact the feeder is working as it should, I give it 5 stars.

  3. PS

    have had the product for over two months and absolutely love it!

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Questions & Answers (7)

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, you can. Download our app on the second smartphone and log in with the same credentials.
  2. A You can adjust portion size between 10 and 100 grams. Step is 10 grams, thus it could be 10, 20, 30, etc.
  3. A Yes, food tank and bowl are made of BPA free plastic. You can also wash it in a dishwasher.
  4. A Usually, Internet providers in Canada create both 5 and 2.4 GHz WiFi networks for you. Just switch your smartphone to 2.4 GHz network before connecting the device. You can find Video Guides on our website.
  5. A Smart Pet Feeder will feed your pet on schedule when disconnected from wi-fi. However, you won't be able to make any adjustments or use Camera until the connection is restored. Smart Pet Feeder will automatically reconnect to WiFi.
  6. A Smart Pet Feeder uses 3 “D” batteries for backup only. In case of a power outage, Smart Pet Feeder goes to energy-saving mode. It can work 7-10 days more. In this mode, you won't be able to use Camera or Adjust portion size. However, you can be sure that your pet will be fed by schedule!

We help pet owners be near their fluffy friend while working or traveling. Peace of mind that it was fed.

Do you work a lot? Are you always on the trip? Have you ever thought about what your pet is feeling?

Smart Pet Feeder is a solution for you.

Smart Pet Feeder (no camera) 6


Protect your friend from overeating and control its diet from your smartphone. With the help of our mobile application, you easily choose the time to feed your friend and portion’s size (from 10g to 100g).

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Schedule up to 8 meals a day, which will be automatically delivered at the exact time. Receive a pop-up notification on your smartphone when food will be delivered. Use manual feeding to promote your friend.

All feeding statistics are in the app and you can access them anywhere 24/7. Therefore, you can even record an audio greeting, that will be played every time food is delivered.

automatic cat feeder
Smart Pet Feeder (no camera) 7


You can record a short Audio Clip that will be played when food will be dispensed. The best thing is that you can record a different greeting for every meal.

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For example, “Buddy, breakfast time” and “Your dinner, Buddy”. Thus record different Audio Greetings and make every meal of your beloved friend different even when you’re working or traveling.


Smart Pet Feeder uses 3 “D” batteries for backup (not included). In case of a power outage, Smart Pet Feeder goes to energy-saving mode. It can work 7-10 days more.

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In this mode, other features except Automatic Feeding don’t work. However, you can be sure that your pet will be fed! Smart Pet Feeder will also feed your pet on schedule when disconnected from wi-fi. However, you won’t be able to make any adjustments until the connection is restored.

Smart Pet Feeder (no camera) 8
Smart Pet Feeder (no camera) 9


Use our FREE mobile application to be near your Friend. We’ll backup you when you’re on vacation or at work. Receive notifications when your pet was fed and don’t worry.

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The easiest connection ever: open application, input WiFi password and put the smartphone in front of the camera! That’s it! Smart Pet Feeder will do the rest. A free and user-friendly mobile application. Available both on Android and IOS.

It is really easy and fun. Try it!




battery backup


easy to clean
Smart Pet Feeder (no camera) 10


Receive your Smart Pet Feeder in 3 business days. Pay for your purchase in 3 installments. Choose “Pay with Payment Plans” option on the top of this page.

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Pay 60% initial payment and get your order. You’ll be automatically charged 2 times with 20% every 14 days after purchase (biweekly). Contact us for details.





Now you can build a smart ecosystem of Pet Devices you use. The best thing is that you’ll control everything from one mobile application: feeding, water supplies, camera, audio interaction. Get notifications when your pet was fed, when it’s time to replace a filter or if the water level is low.

Live Smart and Save!

Smart Pet Feeder (no camera) 11


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