Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

This product exceeds my expectations. It’s a great cat feeder with a quality camera and mic so I can see and talk to my kitty.– Barb T.

  • Automatic Feeding. You know that both hunger and overeating are dangerous for your pet. Now you can automatically schedule and adjust your friend’s meal size. No more early morning awakenings.
  • HD Video Camera. Watch what your pet is doing right now with an HD video camera built-in. Due to a wide-angle camera, you’ll be able to see your room as a whole. Take pictures of your pet and share it with friends.
  • Smartphone Controlled. Be near your fluffy friend when you’re at work or on vacation. Remember that we are responsible for whom we tamed, and pets miss us. Talk with your kitty/pup, and don’t make your friend bored!
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Additional information
Food type

Dry, food, 5-15, mm, kibble, diameter


4.5, liters, 19, cups

Portion size

10, to, 100, grams

Meals per day


2-way audio


Video camera

1028*790p, wide-angle



Motion detection


Battery backup

✔️, batteries, not, included




Be, aware, that, food, kibbles, with, "irregular, shape", could, be, stuck., For, example, "Hill's, Science, Diet, Adult, Oral, Care", series

Reviews (94)

94 reviews for Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

  1. Amazon Customer

    J’adore tout simplement, je le recommande fortement!

  2. jasi


  3. John Rielly

    Great to monitor my Puppy Dachshund

  4. Felicia

    Love that we can add as many portions as we want and as many feedings! Also love that I can feed my cat through my phone!

  5. Landon L

    Great product so far!

  6. Shauna

    Product works quite well, connecting is a bit tricky the first time but reconnects well and video feed is good, feeder control is good too. Good quality. But the customer service is really good, we bought one feeder a year ago and recently purchased a second, Mark at the customer service team went above and beyond to resolve an issue and now both feeders are online together with central control. Recommended. I approve of the local sales/service angle here in Canada or USA.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I really like this feeder. The HD quality video is fantastic. I was able to connect to it through the app remotely from home without issue. The video was beautiful and I was tripping my kitty out by talking to him through the built in speaker lol!

    I was not successful in setting the device up using the QR code displayed on your phone and holding it in front of the feeder camera. I used the AP (Access Point) method and it was connected within a minute. I have a Samsung S9 phone.

    A dose of Level 4 is about 1/2 cup of small kitty kibbles. FYI.

  8. Melissa Merante

    An absolute life saver. Feeds my cat when he is ready to eat and allows me to sleep in again!

  9. MJB


  10. Lisa De la Salle

    Love this feeder. I work alot of random times so my cat can have breakfast and dinner at the same time every day now and I don’t have to worry about over feeding her. Camera works well but no night vision. Audio works well as well. App is easy to use.

  11. Amazon Customer

    I am not a technical person, so hooking it up to my internet system initially presented some problems because I was trying to connect to the 5G, but after reading the instructions I had been selecting the wrong internet connection. There was a little trouble adding a photo of my Kitty, but I contacted Mark from customer support who helped with the problem. The Feeder company does not have phone support, only internet support. Personally, I would have liked to speak to someone personally to resolve the few issues I had rather than emailing numerous times, which extended my resolution over several days, when it could have been handled within a few minutes on the phone. I have yet to use the audio system with the unit. All in all, the product is working fine, it is now up to Kitty to be trained to the new feeding method.

  12. Joshua

    Très bon produit bonne qualité et les portions sont parfaites , Niveau qualité d’image c’est bien, J’ai un œil sur mon chat en tout temps ahah

  13. Amazon Customer

    Easy to set up

  14. A. Vallaincurt

    Second (same) feeder I purchased. Practical and 99% reliable! Good quality camera (no night vision though). Definitely recommend.

  15. Namaste

    This feeder works so well and the app is very user friendly. Highly recommend this, although it’s pricey. The only downside is that I’m not able to add a photo of our cat in the pet info setting. Not really important. Great product! There’s an option without the video but decided the camera would be extra security when we’re away.

  16. Marie-Pier

    I bought this feeder for my cat and I loved it! The app is a little laggy, but overall very easy to manage and I loved being able to see my kitty eat and make sure she was okay while I was away. The feeder is not too noisy, very neat and works great with small/normal kibbles. Sadly, it won’t accommodate bigger kibbles and it always gets stuck, so if you use unusual kibbles, this might not be a fit. Apparently a 2.0 version will come out at some point with a fix for that issue! The customer service is amazing and they answer in 5 minutes or less which is spectacular. Overall a very great product, great quality, but only with normal sized kibbles.

  17. Alex

    One word: freedom. That machine feed my cat every day for the last 2 years. If I change my plan and decide to pass an extra 2 days out of town, the cat get its food. I love it.

  18. Justine Y.

    The feeder arrived on time and in perfect condition. The instructions were easy to follow and I had no trouble setting it up. The app is easy to navigate and the camera quality was better than I was expecting. My cat was curious about the feeder and ate from it right away so that was nice.

    I’m very happy so far although less than a week of having it.

  19. Kirsten Cave

    I love this item. Way better than I expected. So easy to set up and my cat loves it.

  20. Regan Arnold

    Amazing! Very impressed with this product. Highly recommend! Has back up battery just in case your electric goes out. Very reliable. This was a great investment for my cats whenever I’m away from the house.

  21. Ruoxi Ruth Zhang

    Great feeder!! My cat now sits by it every now and then to wait for food to come out. My cat also doesn’t swallow the whole bowl as before now that he’s getting smaller portions every few hours. He also starts to respond to my voice cuz the feeder plays my recording every time it feeds. Camera resolution is also good. Great buy!

  22. Fred F

    Le service de M.Mark est tout simplement formidable et d une rapidité exemplaire et l appareil est génial. Nous sommes très heureux d avoir fait affaire avec l entreprise Montréalaise KT Contribution et d avoir opté pour leur super produit le feed em

  23. Rob

    Works very well and consistently, easy set up. Only drawback is can not see camera image if there is no ambient light, i.e. doesnt work well in the dark.

  24. Piter

    Pour un chat pourrait avoir plus de portion par jour

  25. Kevin H.

    Talking to our cats from 1000 miles away, and my wife couldnt be more pleased

  26. Jeff & Denise

    This feeder does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I can set up 3 feed times per day, do a manual one. Use the great quality camera, listen in, talk to my pet, etc. Have had no problems what so ever.

  27. Brian

    This feeder is awesome! It is reliable and flexible to handle different portion sizes and multiple feeding times. The customer service is amazing. He app is easy to use. Camera quality is good.

  28. Daykota

    Love it! And customer support is amazing

  29. Sylvain Dumulong

    Pour ceux qui aime leur animal et aussi la Domotique
    Je vous recommande cette compagnie pour la qualité de leurs produits ainsi que leur excellent service a la clientèle vous serai surpris de la rapidité à laquelle il réponde à vos questions .

  30. Lazam

    Cats got used to it right away. Audio messages gets them running to feeder. Portions a bit small, so increase the number. Slight technical problems easily solved by very prompt service.

  31. Jose F

    Le service est impeccable merci beaucoup, je suis tres satisfait !

  32. Amazon Customer

    Great product, as advertised, easy to use

  33. Amazon Customer


  34. Alexander Zammit

    This cat feeder has been excellent so far!
    Great on schedule feeding.
    Great voice and video features.
    Great for knowing your cat is eating at home.
    Push notifications work well.
    Portion sizes are decently accurate.

    All in all happy with this product after our first two weeks with it.

  35. Melissa Scott

    Besides the odd quirk when remotely checking in on my two kitties via the webcam, the feeder has never missed a meal and is incredibly convenient on those nights when I’m running late and don’t want to keep them waiting. Aside from automatically scheduled meals, sending them a snack or additional meal is as easy as the choosing the quantity and hitting send. Great product!!

  36. Gigi Kelly

    The product works as advertised. It was easy to set up. It performed perfectly this last weekend when we were away. It is nice knowing Tuna is well taken care of.

  37. Alice O

    Set up no problem! I hope in a future update you can add multiple animal profiles instead of just having one. My cats get freaked out when I try to talk to them through the system but it’s nice to be able to watch them play while I’m at work. It was a good investment for that as well as the portion control for my big boys diet. I’ll spend way less on vet bills in the future now that I can facilitate how much food he is getting when I’m not home. He isn’t happy about it though!!

  38. Amazon Customer

    This product is a life saver! It feeds my puppy when I can’t! I had some issues with the camera after two months, and the manufacturer sent me a replacement asap. I was surprised how amazing their customer service is. I would highly recommend this product.

  39. Fabio Gabriel de Lara Rado

    Très bon, facile à installer et à utiliser.
    J’ai des problèmes parce que la ration spéciale de mon chien est un peu grosse et parfois se verrouille dans le conteneur, mais dans l’ensemble, c’est un bon alimentateur. Je le recommande.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Although this feeder is a bit more expensive than others, It works like a dream! Easy set up and functions perfectly. I work away during the week so I am unable to regulate my cat’s feeding times. This feeder makes it easy. Extra reassurance that the machine is working and your cat is eating with the camera on the feeder. Wonderful product 10/10

  41. Priya M

    This product is great. Except the portion options. I use it for my cat and the minimum portion option is 10 gm which is too much for the kitty. And I can give maximum 4 servings a day which is also not ideal for my cat. His vet wanted us to give smaller portion food with more frequency for his kidney issues. I wish they upgrade the software or do something to fix this problem. Otherwise, i am very happy with this product. And love the camera and the mic.

  42. Chantal Beaudin

    Très bon article et fiable

  43. Vadym

    Easy to connect with an device, works exactly as scheduled on the connected device. Camera is very helpful when you are away and want to see you pet

  44. Dianna Engelhaupt

    I had some issues with the audio on this machine at first but the seller was sooooo amazing and shipped me a new one that only took 2 days. This machine is amazing and I love being able to see my cat when I am away. Bonus: I also get to keep an eye on the house when I am away. I recommend this to anyone who has pets. I am getting this for my sister for Christmas. Shes going to love it too!

  45. Byronesque

    Product worked well when it worked. But couldn’t get a reliable Wi-Fi connection; would be fine for a while but after using the app for a few minutes, it would not detect my feeder anymore and would have to reinstall (though that doesn’t always work either). Customer service was fast and helpful, and offered a refund or replacement. I opted for a refund.

  46. Hue

    Product worked well when it worked. But couldn’t get a reliable Wi-Fi connection; would be fine for a while but after using the app for a few minutes, it would not detect my feeder anymore and would have to reinstall (though that doesn’t always work either). Customer service was fast and helpful, and offered a refund or replacement. I opted for a refund.

  47. salah

    j l’ai vraiment aimer, je le recommande

  48. pamela

    I really like the product! It helps me out when I’m gone for the day (even 2-3!!) to feed and keep an eye on my cat. It’s a fair price for what the product has to offer. It’s also quote sturdy. Their customer service is excellent: my plug broke and I requested to buy a new one. A few days later, I got an email from a representative saying that they left a plug at my door, free of charge!! Now that’s customer service!!!

  49. momo

    Good product, the camera works well except the night vision is not good

  50. Paul Boychuk

    Very pleased with this product. Would recommend it to anyone and everyone

  51. Gilles Patoine

    It work great and my cats rush to it when they hear the food drop.

  52. Alan B

    – Easy to setup
    – Holds a big amount of food
    – Portions are of good size and with a lot of options
    – Camera is great when there is light
    – Customer service were super responsive and helpful

    – The power cord should be rethought and made sturdier, cat chewed through it with the protection on (However we called in and they sent us a replacement adapter)
    – Would be good if the camera has night vision

    All around very happy with this purchase

  53. Marie-France Poulin

    J’ai dû m’absenter pour plus d’une semaine et j’étais certaine que mon chat avait toute la nourriture dont il avait besoin. Je pouvais même le voir et lui parler quand il était dans le champ de la caméra. Je recommande vraiment ce produit.

  54. Samantha

    This takes surprisingly great pictures. I’m very glad I paid a bit more for the camera feature. Totally worth it. Not great quality in darker lighting, but with normal light, these pics are crystal clear.

    App is easy to navigate and it has been consistently reliable since we set it up a month ago.

  55. Isabelle

    Nous sommes souvent à l’extérieur les fins de semaine. Notre chat ne manque pas de nourriture.

  56. Krista

    So I was a little skeptical at first if I really needed to spend the money and buy one of these feeders but I’m honestly glad I did! It’s nice knowing when your away that your fur babies are still getting fed at a time they are use to. I also like that you get a alert when they got fed and can watch them on the camera, you can talk to them but you can’t hear any sound back.
    A couple down sides that might bother some people are you need some light in the room in order to see anything in the camera and if you have a pesty cat like I do they are able to stick there paw up there and get a couple more kibbles.

  57. Ccosta

    I got this to help with my 2 cats waking me up at night for food. Problem solved!

  58. LaWilde

    My dog has a medical condition in which he must be fed at least every 2.5-3 hours. This has had quite an impact on my daily schedule. I had purchased another feeder that I could set feed times on but it didn’t have a camera and I have 2 dogs, so I never felt 100% at ease that he was getting his food.
    I had a little trouble getting the feeder set up but the customer service was outstanding. Through a quick visit to their website, someone contacted me within 5 minutes and walked me through step by step through facebook messenger. Even when I had questions in the days following, I was answered within minutes.
    I love getting to watch my little one eat his snacks, it brings me such peace of mind and gives me more freedom in my schedule. I have always dreamed of having a way to see and talk to my babies when I am away and this has given me that opportunity! So grateful for this product and the amazing customer service.

  59. CorpsWifeySC

    We ordered this for our 2 kittens and it”s been great. We travel a bit over the summer and I like that we can go away for a weekend and still keep an eye on them with the camera. My kids get a kick out of it! You can even record your voice as the food dispenses.

    One improvement would be to have it dispense to two different bowls. I don’t want to have to get another unit. The cats do fine sharing but it would be nice to have that option to have additional bowls to dispense to.

    All in all very pleased!

  60. Jaclyn Blake

    like that it’s controlled with an app. You can automate it or manually dispense

  61. Rhonda

    The feeder is great. The only noise it makes is the food hitting the dish which is great because my cat is skittish.

  62. Tunyarat

    This feeder is so good! I can see my dog and talk to him when I’m away

  63. NY Jayhawk

    I have had for a month and so far it works as promised. Easy setup and app is easy to navigate. Only thing I can’t figure out is if more than one person can be assigned to feeder. Have not been able to get both my wife’s and my phone to have access as it only connects to one or the other. Would be nice if multiple users could access the feeder. Other than that it works great.

  64. Alain B

    Feed’em auto feeder with the camera is an amazing product! I have a rescue cat that was left abandoned in an apartment and has the constant fear that she will run out of food. This being said she has to be fed 3 times a day in small portions and the Feed’em machine has made this possible for me as I work 8 hours a day. The camera is just an added bonus and fulfills my cat mom needs, so I can see my baby eat and hang out during the day. All equipment comes with a warranty and the company is extremely easy to deal with definitely hassle-free.

  65. jam

    I love being able to see and talk to my pup through the smart pet feeder when I’m away. It feels like he’s right there with me!
    It’s also nice to know that his dinner will always be on time, even if I’m running late!

  66. Amazon Customer

    Such a great device, perfect scheduled feeding, excellent camera quality. Made leaving our cat alone less heartbreaking.

  67. Ivory H.

    I love this!!! Its so nice to view your pet when you go to work or out of town. It’s so fun seeing what they do all day! I can talk to him and even check in on my place. The camera is wide angled and takes clear pictures. Zooming in is blurry but it’s expected. Portion sizes are awesome to choose from. Set up was a little bit difficult but I messaged the support team and they were so quick to help me out and I love that they are real people and pet owners and that they care. This product is worth every penny. I was concerned about the plastic causing acne issues for my cat so I will be placing a glass bowl for the kibble to fall into. That’s the only thing I would change with this product. I recommend it and the app is super easy to use!!! Would definitely purchase again!

  68. Amazon Customer

    Très bonne machine fiable. Et facile à gérer à partir de l’applicationz

  69. Olga

    I enjoyed working with the seller. When I received the product, I had a couple of questions regarding the product’s ability to work without wifi. The seller was in touch from the moment the product was sent and responded to all my questions in a matter of minutes. Great service! The product itself looks very modern and easy to work with. I love the fact that it has a camera.

  70. Eric Ramírez

    Amazing product. Saves time and gives you security about your cat beheivor while you are away from home. Easy to manage and install, best cat feeder in the market.

  71. Nicole Kennedy

    Had the machine1.5 months now, and now it will not disburse the food. For whatever reason it has quit working.

  72. Peter

    Very good quality. I bought my for girlfriend and her dog, and she was amazed. The app especially comes in handy.

  73. Dennis D. Dey

    GREAT PRODUCT! Makes sure your pet is fed, even if you’re not at home

  74. Dave Lee

    Purchased this for our cat while we were on vacation for a week. The look and quality of the feeder itself was great. We struggled a bit setting up the app and syncing it to our iPhones. Once connected we played with the webcam and initiated a couple manual feeds while at home and it seemed to work. You can only listen OR talk through the webcam, you cannot do both at the same time. I setup daily feeding schedule and went on our trip. The first couple days of the trip we could not tell if the feeder worked as the app summary didn’t show any feedings had happened. We had to call family/friends to check in on our cat to ensure the food was dropped on schedule, which it was even though the app didn’t show it. We then lost connection from one phone, then the other the next day. Now we were totally disconnected from the feeder. We returned the feeder when we got home mostly due to the issues with the app and connectivity.

  75. Stephen Sze

    The feeder along works fine. But on and off, it comes offline. I couldn’t connect my phone app to the feeder to check on the feed history. Once, it didn’t feed my cat during the schedule time, and it got me worry how reliable it is.

  76. Chris Preston

    Arrived within 24hours at my door. Exactly as described. Incredible that we can feed remotely and watch through the almost 180 degree camera live and talk to our cats and hear them as well! Great product.

  77. Boris Bosnjak

    This feeder was fairly easy to set up. The wifi instructions are clear enough, but one does need to be patient and careful in following them. The video quality is excellent. The smartphone app is easy enough to use for setting up and tweaking a feeding schedule, manually dispensing food, and watching the video. The vendor emailed a PDF manual while the feeder was in transit, giving me a chance to prepare. Turns out the vendor is extremely accessible and helpful. And there’s no monthly fee for the smartphone access (I guess you pay for it in the price upfront).

  78. jessica

    Absolutely LOVE this product. The timed, portioned feeding has been so freeing. We are able to manage our cats diet so much easier now! I love being able to check in and talk to her when away on short trips.
    My only wish there was just one more slot for a feeding time as her portion control still requires one more feeding on top of the for single portions I give her with the feeder.

  79. Kelly Barbarich

    We love the following:
    • easy to set up
    • our cat stopped meowing at us to feed him in 2 days
    • avoids overfeeding by taking the human out of the feedings
    • can see him eating but rarely use this option
    • he knows the feeding times now and waits for it!
    • smallest portions are 1/8 of a cup
    • makes a noise when it drops the food
    • holds a lot

    What we don’t like
    • he has broken into it by pushing his paw up, but only gets a couple of pieces
    • it’s pretty big and ugly

  80. Ken K

    Very pleased with this feeder. App makes the setup quite easy, and the webcam picture is quite clear. I’ve only had it for a couple days so no idea about long term durability, but build quality looks good, with secure latch for food reservoir.

  81. Jeff McGuire

    Exactly as advertised. Easy set-up. Excellent communication

  82. Amazon Customer

    I normally don’t write reviews but this pet feeder and more importantly the company are the best.
    My little dog loves the feeder and it’s working fantastic. I love how I can check on her anytime I’m away from the house. Set up was super easy to do.

    The customer service was spectacular. Had one very small issue with the feeder when it first arrived and the response was super fast and they did everything to make sure the problem was resolved.
    The product is great but the customer service really shines!
    You wont regret this purchase!!!!

  83. Miss M J Greaves

    Fantastic product. Sometimes I would have come off wifi and use cellular data for it to work remotely, but I’ve never had an issue with this product. The specific quantity feature is wicked

  84. Danielle

    This item solved a lot of our problems. We have a very high maintenance cat, and we had tried other manual feeders only to have her break into them. This is awesome. Not just a manual feeder but also basically a babysitter for our cat. I’ve had it for 6 months and no problems. Love how easy it is to use the app!

  85. Corey Davyduke

    I have been testing the feeder out for four months now, and I am now convinced that this is a quality product that does exactly what it says that it should do. Don’t waste your time trying out other “automated” or “smart” (stupid?) feeders like I did. No more hungry kitty with this feeder. I now trust that kitty is getting his meals ON time EVERY time!

  86. Amazon Customer

    Ordered 2 of them and one worked great; the second one kept losing internet so reordering another one.

  87. Nikki

    Good product, love it. Hope the app can improve a bit so that the camera won’t be loading too long

  88. Richard Conte

    Product is not as reliable as expected. Food pellets empty out most of the time but sometimes voids are created that prevent more food from falling down. I hacked the machine and added an agitator that I designed on my 3D printer. Now it works flawlessly and we don’t have to worry when away from home that the cat will starve to death.

  89. R. Peters

    I ordered 2 of these for when i’m gone for the holidays so I can still keep track of my cats. They work great for keeping my cats fed in the middle of the night and not waking me up instead. The app is simple to use and really handy, connecting to the camera is quick and its very clear, having scheduled feedings set up works great as well. I had a mild defect on one of the feeders I ordered and their customer service dealt with it extremely fast and had a new one at my door in 3 days, all around very pleased with these feeders.

  90. Kevin H

    The feeder was extremely well packaged. The unit is very accurate and easy to use. The remote app works very well. I would suggest adding an email notification that is triggered when the unit delivers food. The camera is crystal clear as is the audio. We are very satisfied and woud raise our assessment to excellent after at least two years of operation

  91. read read read

    Love this feeder. Works great. My cats run to my voice recording and I love that I can get rea-time video updates of how my cats are doing . Love the live video feature. Had a slight tech issue and it was resolved right away with professional and prompt customer service. Definitely recommend. Makes me feel better about leaving my cats alone and that I can check on them. And plus now they don’t wake me up to feed them. Worth the price. Good product. Thanks.

  92. Amazon Customer

    Probably would be great if the software would work! Won’t link up regardless of attempts on various WiFi networks, back-up plan recommend for if wifi doesn’t work, also doesn’t work. Will try for the 50th time then time to try another product with user-friendly software.

  93. Barb T.

    This product exceeds my expectations. It’s a great feeder with quality camera and mic so I can see and talk to my kitty.

  94. Patrick V

    I compared this automatic feeder to so many different brands online as well as a new kickstarter one that offered to ‘have it all’ in one feeder dispensing food and water only to see a lot of bad reviews from their buyers. I ended up buying this Feed’em brand in August and the shipping is quick. If you’re one who wants it all for your pet – be able to check in and monitor them while at work during feeding time or at any time, this is the one to get. Their app was easy to install and pair with wi-fi, once your account is created it’s easy to log into the app on multiple devices, schedule automatic feeding and it was spot on, the camera was high definition clear on both Andorid and iOS. There’s a video recording feature I haven’t tried which I had no need for yet. But loved this feeder enough I got my brother one of these the next month and he loves the fact the wide angle camera can act like a security cam in his house.

    Although it had a problem, I believe it may have been the type of dog food I may have put in there that caused clogging inside the machine. Don’t put in the little crunchy Milk Bone dogfood (ones that look like little dog bones). This company’s support staff are so nice though, the company is shipping me a new replacement free of charge no questions asked. Simply hassle-free.

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Questions & Answers (11)

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Smart Pet Feeder is designed to work with 5-15 mm kibble with regular shape. Be aware that food kibbles with "irregular shape" could be stuck. For example, "Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care" series
  2. A Unfortunately, this product doesn't have this feature yet. However, our tech department will think forward to provide a solution.
  3. A You can set up unlimited meals per day. Every meal's size is 1 to 20 portions, where 1 portion is about 10 grams.
  4. A Simply select "Pay with Payment Plans" above the "ADD TO CART" button. You can learn more here:
  5. A Yes, you can. Download our app on the second smartphone and log in with the same credentials.
  6. A You can adjust portion size between 10 and 100 grams. Step is 10 grams, thus it could be 10, 20, 30, etc.
  7. A Yes, food tank and bowl are made of BPA free plastic. You can also wash it in a dishwasher.
  8. A Usually, Internet providers in Canada create both 5 and 2.4 GHz WiFi networks for you. Just switch your smartphone to 2.4 GHz network before connecting the device. You can find Video Guides on our website.
  9. A Smart Pet Feeder will feed your pet on schedule when disconnected from wi-fi. However, you won't be able to make any adjustments or use Camera until the connection is restored. Smart Pet Feeder will automatically reconnect to WiFi.
  10. A Smart Pet Feeder uses 3 “D” batteries for backup (not included). In case of a power outage, Smart Pet Feeder goes to energy-saving mode. It can work 7-10 days more. In this mode, other features except Automatic Feeding don’t work. However, you can be sure that your pet will be fed!
Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera 3

We help pet owners be near their fluffy friends while working or traveling. Peace of mind that it was fed.

Do you work a lot? Are you always on the trip? Have you ever thought about what your pet is feeling?
Smart Cat Feeder is the solution for you. Control your pet’s ration and avoid overeating/hunger.

Be near your fluffy friend 24/7 😺🐶

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Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera 11




Smart Cat Feeder is equipped with a built-in HD video camera. You can record a video or take a screenshot, which will be stored on your smartphone or SD card. Share photos via Facebook with a simple touch of your finger.

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It is a high resolution (1028*790p) camera with 130 degrees wide-angle lens; thus, you’ll see every inch of your apartment. Now you will be in touch with what is going on while you’re not at home.

camera feeder
automatic cat feeder


Protect your friend from overeating and control its diet from your smartphone. With our mobile application’s help, you easily choose the time to feed your friend and portion size (from 10g to 100g).

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Schedule up to 4 meals a day, which will be automatically delivered at the exact time. Receive a pop-up notification on your smartphone when food is delivered. Use manual feeding to promote your friend.

All feeding statistics are in the app, and you can access them anywhere 24/7. Therefore, you can even record an audio greeting that will be played every time food is delivered.


Be near your fluffy friend when you’re at work or on vacation. Remember, that we are responsible for whom we tamed and pets miss us. Don’t make your friend bored!

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Smart Cat Feeder gives you the opportunity to talk with your pet in real-time even when you’re not at home. What if your dog is calling you?

Evermore, you can listen to what is going on in your apartment. Maybe your cat or dog is calling you or just having fun.

Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera 12


Use our FREE mobile application to be near your Friend. We’ll backup you when you’re on vacation or at work. Receive notifications when your pet was fed and don’t worry.

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The easiest connection ever: open application, input WiFi password, and put the smartphone in front of the camera! That’s it! Smart Cat Feeder will do the rest. A free and user-friendly mobile application. Available both on Android and IOS.

It is really easy and fun. Try it!




battery backup


easy to clean

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Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera 11

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