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Who we are?

FEED’EM is a family operated business based in Montreal. It all started when we immigrated to Canada in 2015 with our beloved cat.

As newcomers, we had to work 50 hours per week. But when we had a few free days we wanted to explore Canada and the US.

But what about our cat? How will she live for 3-4 days without us? We had nobody to ask to come and feed her.

And we started researching Web for the answer. Some solutions were found, but they were or outdated or from overseas. Buying from China was not an option for us. It’s an expensive purchase, and we wouldn’t get any warranty, support. What if the device won’t work? Sending it back costs a fortune and doesn’t give any guarantees.
We decided to create our own brand here, in Canada. In this case, we’d be able to provide fast and awesome customer service. Our customers know where to find us and have guarantees.

Our Mission

Our dream is to create an ecosystem around our beloved pets. You will have all Smart Pet Devices in one free mobile app. We’ll give the ability to feed your friend with one touch of your finger. You’ll get a reminder on your smartphone when you’ll need to replace a filter or add water. Talk to your pet when you’re at work or on the trip. Take photos of your cat or dog and share with friends on Facebook. And of course, feed your dog with healthy grain-free food.

Why choose us?

Awesome customer service. You’ll love our efficiency and pace. Contact us via email, Facebook, Instagram, live chat or contact form on our website. Your satisfaction is our cornerstone.
Free “3-day” shipping. We will deliver your purchase in 3 business days for free. Amazon Shipping Services will fulfill your purchase.
High-quality products. Every product is tested before shipping. There is no chance that you will receive a broken item. You have 30 Days to return the purchase if you won’t be satisfied.

Our Team

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