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Top 8 Best Christmas Gifts for a Cat 2020

We all love our cats dearly and care for them and their mental and physical health. They are more than just owned pets but rather companions. And what better way to illustrate our love for our beloved feline companions than gifting them? How to find the best gifts for a cat?

With Christmas around the corner, the season to spoil your cat commences. And while you might think it’s a complex matter, it is actually very rudimentary. We are sure that your cat will be flooded with joy as they tear through the delights you plan to leave them under the Christmas tree. After all, cats are on top of Santa’s list.

Not only that, but you might even consider gifting someone who would absolutely get a kick out of a cat-themed present. And with “pawesome” Christmas sales on the way, now is the best time to purchase a “purrfect” gift.

Without further ado, here are our curated top 8 best Christmas gifts for a cat this year, with a special treat for you and your cat at the end ; ) All of them you can find at Amazon or Best Buy Canada.

Custom Cat Portraits

One easy way to draw a smile on cat ladies (and men) and bamboozle their cats is making custom, and often hilarious, portraits of their feline friends. Portraits are an easy and sweet way to show homage to your and your friends’ best buddies. A quick search lists myriad sites that offer this service, with multiple variations, from pencil-drawn images to photoshopping your cat’s head onto a royal attire.

cat dog portrait

Cat Massagers

Everyone knows how relaxing and soothing massages are, so how about sharing this comforting feeling with cats? Cat massagers aim to achieve just that. They stimulate the various nerves and muscles in cats to improve their breathing and mobility while flushing away any toxicants in their bloodstream, relieving them of pain. On top of cat massagers’ health benefits, they are an excellent method to increase bonding with your treasured cat.

cat massager

Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

At the beginning of the article, we promised a special treat for you and your cat alike. Thanks to technology, we developed a Smart Pet Feeder that ensures that your cat’s dinner will never be late again. As one of the best Christmas gifts for a cat, this automatic and clinically proven feeder also monitors your cat’s diet, preventing weight gain and overeating. This is done through the integrated camera that can be accessed from your smartphone along with other features. The installed camera provides high-definition photos and videos of your cat while they munch through their favorite snacks. This provides users with a handy-dandy function of sharing lovely pictures of your cat on social media.

This Smart Pet Feeder alleviates your responsibility and stress during work time that stems from having to feed your cat manually. You can go to work or on a trip absolutely mind-free knowing that your cat is being cared for. You can even interact with your cat despite the distance, giving them some company. On top of that, the Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera is extremely easy to set up and work with, all the while holding large portions of cat food. It would help if you also explored an Ultimate Guide on Choosing an Automatic Feeder right for you.

gifts for a cat

Cat Diffusers

Sometimes cats undergo stress and anxiety without realizing, especially after moving out or bringing a new family member. Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to get your cat a smart cat diffuser. They work through exuding an odorless vapor that provides cats with calmness by mimicking a substance called pheromones. This latter is responsible for signaling to the body that the area around them is safe.

cat diffuser

Cat Carrier

Ever felt guilty for leaving your pet cat in the car while you go into the store, sometimes for long times? Well, the solution is here. If your favorite supermarket allows pets, you can equip yourself with a simple cat carrier. These carriers vary in shape and multifunctionality. You have the choice between handheld carriers and their counterpart, padded shoulder carriers. We recommend the latter since you probably need both your hands while grocery shopping. Plus, a few carriers offer additional storage for your wallet, keys, and phone.

cat carrier

Smart Cat Water Fountain

Water is a vital nutrient without which any living being is unable to exist. But how much should a cat drink? According to studies, the norm of consumption of water by a cat of medium size and weighing 5-6 kg is about 200 ml per day. The rate of how much cat drinks per day varies depending on the diet, ambient temperature, and other conditions. When feeding with dry food, a cat needs to drink more. However, it will need less water when eating wet food or home-made food.

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Water should be poured into wide bowls. Cats really do not like it when their large mustaches touch the edges of the bowl while drinking. Water poured into a shiny metal dish gives glare that distracts and can even scare the cat. Read our article “How much water does a cat need?” to get more information

There are cats that generally prefer only running water. For them, you need to purchase a drinker in the form of a fountain or periodically open the water tap. At FEED’EM we designed a perfect cat drinking fountain. Even more, you can control it with the mobile app, get low water level or filter replacement notifications right on your smartphone.

Self-cleaning Litter Box

Along the cat grooming lines, another game-changer is relieving yourself from the tiring chore of cleaning tons of cat waste every day. Get yourself an automatic litter box and thank us later. Instead of scooping the classic litter box every day, you only have to do that roughly once every two weeks when you get a self-cleaning litter box this Christmas. In addition to that, several automated litter boxes also remove bad smells from urine and waste through dehydration, and most of them offer easy and fast cleanup.

litter box

Ball Chaser Toys

Want to go back to basics while keeping your cat entertained? A classic ball toy never fails to accomplish this task. Even better, today, you can find interactive ball toys that move around according to multiple speed and zigzag modes. Some even come with a snack hole that opens up when your cat finally cats the ball. These balls attract even the laziest of cats, and if you’re looking to balance the weight and mobility of your cat following this Christmas, perhaps an automatic ball chaser toy is your best bet.

ball toys

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