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How much water does a cat need?

Water is a vital nutrient without which any living being is unable to exist. But how much should a cat drink?

Each owner worries about situations when his cat begins to drink more or less than usual. Then the questions arise: is this behavior within the normal range or does he urgently need to contact a veterinarian?

Cats don’t drink a lot, much less than dogs. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that domestic cats descended from desert ancestors from arid areas. They received most of the necessary moisture from the prey, and life in a hot climate developed the ability to concentrate urine in them. This physiological feature was very useful in wildlife, but living in domestic conditions it became a factor that predisposes to urolithiasis.

According to studies, the norm of consumption of water by a cat of medium size and weighing 5-6 kg is about 200 ml per day. The rate of how much cat drinks per day varies depending on the diet, ambient temperature, and other conditions. When feeding with dry food, a cat needs to drink more. However, it will need less water when eating wet food or home-made food.

Finding a solution

The choice of water for a cat needs a very careful approach. Boiled water during the process of heating loses many useful properties, therefore it is not suitable for the animal. Pure tap water contains too many impurities and additives. A good choice is high-quality bottled water from any supermarket. But the most convenient option is filtered or settled tap water. Water should be poured into wide bowls. Cats really do not like it when their large mustaches touch the edges of the bowl while drinking. Water poured into a shiny metal dish gives glare that distracts and can even scare the cat.

There are cats that generally prefer only running water. For them, you need to purchase a drinker in the form of a fountain or periodically open the water tap. At FEED’EM we designed a perfect cat drinking fountain. Even more, you can control it with the mobile app, get low water level or filter replacement notifications right on your smartphone. 

Contacting veterinarian

Water consumption varies with age. Little kittens drink a lot because new cells require fluid. Older cats also need more water, as aging cells find it increasingly difficult to retain intracellular fluid. However, the owner should carefully monitor the water consumption of the old cat. Immediately consult a veterinarian if it is 1.5 times higher than normal. In what other cases should I call a veterinarian? Some cats refuse to drink at all. They must be artificially withdrawn from a spoon or syringe, but only after examination in a veterinary clinic. The causes of increased water consumption can be diabetes, urolithiasis, kidney failure, protein poisoning. Only a veterinarian can diagnose the cause and prescribe treatment and diet.

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