How to understand if your cat is ill? 1

How to understand if your cat is ill?

It is Fall in Canada and all of us should be careful about our health. It is easy to catch flu or cold when the weather is changing 3 times a day. However, we should not forget about our pets. They are vulnerable too. In the next few paragraphs, I will give you some advice on how to understand if your cat is ill.

Is your cat ill?

Here are some symptoms that should prick up you:

  • Your cat suddenly became sluggish. It is totally inactive and lies somewhere in a hiding place
  • You observed discharges from eyes or nose
  • Blood appeared in cat’s excrement
  • Cat often has diarrhea or vomits

Here I should make a small note. Time to time cats needs to clean their stomach. Thus if it happened only one time and the cat isn’t weak – maybe she just cleans up. You must watch it for a few days. If it doesn’t happen again – no worries. However, if it happens day to day, you should go to the vet.

  • Your cat very often goes to the toilet and meows
  • Cat always bites or scratches one spot
  • It breathes hard or even coughs
  • It is hard to eat, food always falls out
  • Stomach or another part of the body is swollen
  • Cat doesn’t eat or drink at all

Another one note. Cat could stop eating for a few days if she recently had stress. For example, was frightened by someone or something.

What to do if the cat is ill?

There is only one conscious solution in this situation. If you observe one or several symptoms for a period of time, you must go to the vet! It is very important to diagnose disease on the initial stage. It will decrease your cat suffers and of course, will save its life. You can read about a few methods to find a vet in this post. We are responsible for who we tamed!

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