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Overeating is dangerous for our beloved pets

Battle with excess weight has become an actual problem not only for people. Nowadays, many pets (both cats and dogs), who are pampered by the comfort of living with people, struggle with excess weight and overeating. Some people don’t pay attention to pet’s ration only makes the situation worse. Sometimes a loving person tries to make his pet happy and feed it with some tasty food from his table. He doesn’t concern that it can kill the animal.

Usually, when people see a fat dog or cat, they associate it with health and wealth. In the case of a thin dog, we want to feed and pity it. In fact, the situation is totally the opposite. Obesity provokes serious issues with a dog’s health—for example, problems with the cardiovascular system, joint diseases, or even liver pathologies.

In animals, there is no body mass index because standards vary depending on every breed. However, we can consider obesity if the dog’s weight is 40% higher than the breed standard. It means that the pet has an excess of fat deposits and has metabolism issues. More often, excess of fat in a pet’s blood provokes different metabolic disorders or even could lead to diabetes.

Diseases caused by overeating

In the case of animals of small breeds, obesity leads to a collapse of the respiratory organs, particularly the trachea. It happens because the fat deposited on the sternum’s inner wall interferes with normal movement in this area. In its turn, it ends with serious diseases of the respiratory system of the animal. In the case of big dogs, obesity provokes the beginning of the inflammatory process in the joints. It is especially dangerous for young dogs.

Even ordinary colds are much more severe and are often complicated by bronchitis or pneumonia because of obesity. Quite often, an excess of body weight causes the development of hypertension in the dog, and there it is not far from heart failure. In some cases, obesity can be the cause of serious disruptions in the endocrine system. That’s why the seriousness of this problem is a real threat to the life and health of your pet.

Why your pet has excess weight?

Most often, this deviation is associated with low physical activity of the animal. After all, the owner does not always want to strain, especially in bad weather, and take a long walk with his dog. It is much more pleasant to relax on your favorite couch together.

Another factor directly related to the first is the calorie content of the food your dog receives daily. If your dog doesn’t spend calories during active games or long walks, it is a direct route to excess weight. It is necessary to calculate a nutritional diet for your pet, depending on its daily physical activity, and to stimulate activity with games and jogs with your dog. Remember that you have assumed a huge responsibility for his health and good physical shape when buying a puppy.

You must understand once and for all that feeding from a human table to an animal is absolutely unacceptable. Different treats issued to a pet in a fit of hot tenderness can in the future provoke a lot of serious problems with health. You should calibrate the entire daily ration to the last gram. The quality and composition of food also play an important role.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy dog food of good quality from reliable suppliers. Your choice should be guided by breed characteristics and personal addictions of your dog. We have several articles regarding dog food: “What are the benefits of Grain Free dog food?” and “Transitioning to Grain Free dog food the right way.” Click on any of the titles to read.


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