10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 21

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life

On average, cat’s lifespan is about 15 years. Domestic cats live a little longer because they have more favorable living conditions.

In order to make sure that your cat can live a long and happy life, you need to carefully monitor her health. The most effective ways and advises approved by veterinarians are offered below.

Let your cat drink more water

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 22

Not always cats get enough liquid, especially if their main ration is dry food. Do not forget to water pet with clean water. Besides, it is worth to diversify its ration with canned food. Don’t forget that your cat wants to drink clear water! For this scope you can use Cat Water Fountain. You will never forget to water your friend with fresh water.

Cats need physical activity

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 23

Even domestic lazy cats need physical exercise to keep healthy and spit out the energy. So try to play with the cat more often or give it the opportunity to do it yourself.

It is necessary to look after cat’s hair

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 24

Although cats themselves are very neat creatures, they can’t completely clean themselves. Therefore, fluffy should be periodically washed, cut and combed. There are a lot of different grooming tools on the market now. However, most popular are Pet Grooming Gloves. They are cheap, easy to clean and cat’s love them.

Pay attention on the behavior

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 25

Remember that any changes in your pet’s behavior or habits may indicate serious health problems. Therefore, in such cases, you must immediately visit the vet. By the way, we already wrote a blog post “How to understand if your cat is ill?

Get vaccinated regularly

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 26

Be sure to do all the necessary vaccinations on schedule. Such procedures will help you avoid a huge number of illnesses, including fatal.

Keep teeth in order

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 27

It is necessary to care for the oral cavity not only for people. Remember that cats are predators, and healthy teeth for them are the key to survival, even if the cat is completely domestic.

Watch cat’s weight

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 28

If your pet has dramatically lost weight, then it definitely says about health problems. This is especially true for domestic cats, who goes for a walk at the same time.

Do not overfeed the cat

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 29

We also told you about HUGE pet’s overeating problem. You can find all information on this question in our previous blog post. However, solution is found – Smart Pet Feeder. Learn more here.

Try not to let the cat out on the street

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 30

A proven fact is that domestic cats, who don’t walk on the street, live a few years longer. They are virtually non-susceptible to infection, plus the risk of accidents is much less.

Visiting a veterinarian is a pledge of health

10 ways to prolong your cat’s life 31

The most important thing is to bring your cat to the vet regularly. Remember that most feline diseases are quite simple to cure in the early stages, and a full examination can only be provided by a qualified specialist.

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