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Become SPCA Montreal volunteer

Do you want to help animals find new homes? Do you want to protect them from hunger and bad people?

Everyone should contribute? Become a volunteer of SPCA Montreal.

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What is SPCA Montreal?

The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (now fondly known as Montreal’s SPCA) was the first animal welfare organisation in Canada, founded in Montreal in 1869 by a group of prominent citizens. First of all, we don’t know under whose influence the society was formed. However, its history acknowledges assistance from societies in Paris, England, and the United States.

Mission’s objective

At the Montreal SPCA, the volunteers’ contributions are very important for the operations of the shelter. Their support and devotion are crucial in helping the SPCA accomplish its mission. They also provide the additional resources necessary for us to continue to expand our services, which exceed the traditional services offered by an animal shelter.

Finally, the first goal of this program is to serve the main clientele of our shelter: the animals. SPCA developed this program based on their needs and those of shelter.

SPCA volunteer program

All daily necessities that are essential to the shelter’s operations – such as general shelter maintenance, animal care, administration, clientele service, inspection and ambulances are carried out by hired staff. However, the Canadian SPCA goes beyond these standard services, and thanks to the volunteers’ contributions, can expand its actions to help animals.

Animals need food and a clean cage, but they also have needs that are not attended to by our staff. They need us to help them find a good home, to find their owner if they are lost or a temporary home. Due to SPCA Volunteer Program, that established these needs.

Profile of SPCA Volunteer

The Canadian SPCA is seeking individuals who want to give their time to help the animals, and involve themselves with all their heart. These special people are very concerned to improve the environment for animals in our society and to help the Canadian SPCA save more lives.

As a result, the motivation of their involvement is to help the animal, first and foremost!

Basic requirements for all volunteers:

  • 18 years old and over
  • To be able to commit a minimum of 3 consecutive hours per week
  • Possibility to work on a fixed schedule (at the same time each week)
  • Be available for long-term commitment
  • To have a valid email address

Especially relevant information you can find out on SPCA Montreal volunteer web page.

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