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Best dog breeds for children

You have dreamed to have a dog from your childhood. Your parents taught you that having a dog is a big responsibility, because you must have care of it, feed it, take a walk, etc. As the years go by, life is changing. Now you are mature, you have your own family. You have good income and a big enough house. Thus you will be able to meet all the costs. Your dog will have enough space to play in the yard. We already told you about importance of adoption and now you must make very important decision – which breed to take?  Which dog breed is best for children? Very often before bringing a dog at home, people worry about there children. What if this dog is dangerous? What if it doesn’t like kids? You want to find a friend for your child. We’ll try to make a TOP 5 dog breeds, that can become best friend for your child.

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Labrador Retriever

It is one of the most popular family dog breeds. People appreciate Labradors for their friendly nature and calm temperament. They are very smart and educable dogs. Labradors are tender to people and very patient to children, even capricious. However, they are very active and like to play with children. This breed loves water and would make your a great company in different water activities. The only weakness is a lot of loud barking.

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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a great friend for your child. This dog is very smart, kind, patient and loyal. They like to play with children. Retrievers are very energetic. Preferred game is to bring sticks or other things. This breed also loves water and gladly will play with your family in the water. Golden Retrievers can be easily trained. Their weakness – Retrievers like to chew. They could chew your child’s toys. Thus you should keep an eye on it.

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Poodles are also very smart, energetic and educable breed. Even a child could train them. They love so much to spend time with you and children. Poodles can take long walks out or play with children.  Poodle owner’s say that they have their own sense of humor. They love to make funny tricks and make all family laugh. Also they are safe for allergic persons, because they don’t molt.

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Beagle and children are made for each other. These dogs are very active, like to play. Beagles will keep a great company for your children. They could play all day long. Beagles are very sociable. They easily find contact with all family members. They are calm, friendly and very smart. However, Beagles are inclined to loud barking. You should walk with him using a leash, because Beagle could look aside on different smells and be lost.

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Very smart, friendly and loyal Collies are great in training. They are friends with all children. They love to run and walk out for a long period of time. Their only weakness is their fur. It needs a lot of care.     These are only five breeds that love children, but of course there are more. We choose our future friends not only using our brain, but on genetic level. When you will see him, you’ll understand it in that second. It is like love from the first sight. It just happens. Do you agree with author? Do you want to add something? Tell us about your experience!

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