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Adoption compared to buying a pet

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You adore animals, you have enough room and enough time to take care of a small kitty or puppy. However, you have several options. First, you can acquire it in a pet store; or you can adopt it. In my first post, I would like to encourage you to adopt animals, not to buy.

Adopting a cat or a dog, you give it second chance

A big number of animals in different shelters lived through a big drama. They were betrayed by people, whom they loved and trusted. But one day these “friends” decided to leave poor animals in shelters, or in worse way – get them out on the street. These “people” of course have different “reasons” to do it: a divorce, a new baby, a move or a perception that they don’t have enough time to take care of their pets. I believe, that it is very hard to go over that betrayal, and likely these animals lost their faith in humanity. Adopting an animal, you give them that faith, you gift them your love and make them believe that not all people are that kind.

Adopting a pet, you save more lives

There are a lot of shelters and different organizations that help animals, when they are in tough live situation, when they are lonely and unprotected. The main goal of these shelters is to warm these pets, to treat them and to help find them a new home. However, it is just a temporary solution. There are much more animals who needs this kind of help, but shelters are full of animals who wait their new friends for years. Thus adopting a friend from a shelter, you also free one more place for other dog or cat, who needs warm of people’s hearts.

Adopting is cheaper

Buying an animal in pet stores, you don’t take in consideration that after purchase you must make several vaccinations, microchip, health insurance, other documentation. All these issues cost a sufficient amount of money. Adopting a dog from a shelter, you take an animal already with all vaccinations, microchip and even spaying or neutering, which is mandatory for all cats and dogs. Thus, you will make a really good did, and spend less money.

You can find an animal to adopt on Petfinder. Or you can visit SPCAMontreal to look in their eyes and choose a friend, with whom you’ll have spiritual connection, like love at first sight. If you don’t think that you are ready for a long-term relationship, you could help them with temporary home on .

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Post inspired by SPCA Montreal’s blog

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